Observations From A Native South Dakotan

How South Dakota has grown and changed into a thriving destination I’m a native born South Dakotan, born and raised in the western end of the state in the town of Rapid City. Growing up during the 1960s and 70s, I remember when we were pretty much just an agricultural community with a few million … Read more

South Dakota Highlights And Key Attributes

The “Switzerland” of the United States Welcome to the Mount Rushmore state and one of the most favorable states in the nation for trust and income tax laws and property tax rates. South Dakota is a state where agriculture plays a huge role in the economy, and where strong, resilient people faithfully grow crops and … Read more

Missouri Highlights And Key Attributes

Low cost of living and diverse economy Welcome to the Show Me State! Missouri is perhaps best known for the cities of St. Louis on the eastern side and Kansas City on the western side. But in between, the state is full of farms where hardworking, no-nonsense people are busy growing crops and raising livestock. … Read more