Tsosie Lewis offers consulting on developing your farm land to its highest potential. If you are a seller or a buyer looking for how to optimize your farm’s profitability, this can dramatically improve your strategic plan. Tsosie was named to the Agricultural Advisory Committee by president Donald Trump, and his company, Greenstone Ag Consulting, has has collaborated with Frito-Lay, Wells Fargo Bank, Key Bank, John Deere, a fertilizer company, seed companies, and livestock feeders. He has traveled internationally to countries such as China, Argentina, and Cuba, and now this strong agricultural skillset and knowledge base is available to you.

If you need to calculate the inches of irrigation water to raise a crop, track soil moisture, monitor growth stages, identify crop pests, target harvest dates, or explore new market opportunities, Tsosie can bring you to a whole new level of productivity. This is an invaluable service to both commercial and family farmers. Tsosie has a long track record of managing agricultural property and can truly open new doors for your farm to reach its highest and best use.


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